Full’er Circle

So maybe the title of the first blog was jumping the gun a little. As promised, I went home after my last trip to Duck Fork and tied up some of my damsel fly imitators. Yesterday, my family and I took a trip back up there to test the flies. It ended up being a beautiful day. There was a threat of rain for the afternoon. The heavy dark clouds told me this was a promise, not a threat. But we went anyway. It was good to get out of the scorching desert valley. Knowing my time was short I got right to it. My daughter followed along with me, keeping a running dialogue about the goods and bads of teenage life. We rounded a corner to one of my coveted spots on the lake. An inlet with under water tree stumps and laydown logs that provide ample cover for feeding fish.

The fish and the flies did not disappoint. It took some time and patience but I would not be denied. Before long a monster from the depths breached the surface, killing my fly. This is where the fun begins. The immediate reaction from the fish was to head straight towards the stumps and branches seeking safety. My immediate reaction was screaming with adrenaline for my daughter to get out the camera. This was going to be a “Kodak” moment. In the end, I was victorious and the fish rewarded me with a couple of pictures before turning him loose to battle another day.20170724_141622

Fish two was just as exciting for my daughter as it was for me. The fish were still exploding out of the water catching Damselfly’s, so much of my casting was aimed at the rings of a feeding fish. I targeted a fish in the shallows and looped a cast in his direction. Slowly and methodically the fish tailed over to inspect it. Just a slow nose out of the water and I had him. Of course, I was elated. The take, and the fish were beautiful, but not as much as my daughter in the back ground who had witnessed the entire thing. She was just as excited as I was. As before, we snapped some pictures and turned it back to the water. On that note we ended our time at Duck Fork. It’s hard to leave any water when the fish are still feeding, but the thunder and the wind said it was time to go. We didn’t get far when mother nature turned on the showers. It rained all the way up and over the mountain pass before letting up. Sure that we were out of the soak zone, we made one final stop. At a beaver pond that rests against the mountain, we roasted some hot dogs and enjoyed each other’s company in the cool mountain air.

As I sit writing today, I am replaying all of yesterday’s events through my head. I am truly blessed with a family that is willing to go up on the mountain with me so I can fish. My wife spent her day reading on the bank, my daughter by my side, both preferring to do other things. But they were willing to take one for the team and give me a great day on the water. Fishing with family, it’s how I started, and it’s still my favorite way to go.



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