Salmon River Blues

I was getting all hyped and geared up for a trip to the Salmon river in Idaho. It was family reunion time. This year my family decided on the Mays Family Ranch. A beautiful place nestled within walking distance of the Salmon. It just so happened that salmon season was in full swing that weekend, closing on the Sunday. I have only been salmon fishing a handful of times and it was an absolute rush. I packed my heavy rods and fly tying kit so I was prepared. Well, to my dismay, when we arrived the River was running high and fast due to the heavy water year making the river almost unfishable. Of course my heart sank. I did my due diligence anyways checking in at the fly shop, and talking to the locals. Everyone had the same report, the water was not fishable. I wouldn’t be able to call myself a fisherman if I didn’t at least give it a go, so I did. Each time my fly or lure hit the water it was flushed down stream before I could even react. No fish, but I did fish the Salmon River like I had been looking forward to. Unsuccessful on the big water, I turned to smaller waters. Next to the ranch ran Squaw Creek. Utah is full of smaller streams and creeks, so even though this water was also high and fast, it was more what I am accustomed to.20170701_205429

The crystal clear water was home to a good population of Rainbow Trout and Mountain Whitefish. I wasted no time in getting to it. The swift water made drifting flies difficult, but not impossible. I fished a good fifty yards before landing my first fish. I kept at it for a couple of hours, not catching as many, but those I did were all fat and healthy. It was two days before I returned to the creek. This time my sister and brother-in-law in tow. Neither of them avid fly fishers we opted to drop garden hackle(worms) to the hungry fish. This trip I landed my first Whitefish. We fished until the sun dropped to the horizon, all of us catching some fish and having a good time doing it.28833

I left Idaho having checked the Salmon River off my bucket list. However, I am not bested so easily. I will return one day and claim a prize on that river. All in all it was an amazing time fishing as well as catching up with family.


2 thoughts on “Salmon River Blues

  1. Amazing questões aqui. Eu sou muito feliz perscrutar
    seu artigo . Obrigado tanto e eu sou dando uma olhada em frente para
    toque você. Você será gentilmente mande-me um
    correio ?


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