Win Some, Lose Some

Yesterday was an awesome day for fishing. The temperature was sitting around the mid 70’s, the sun was shining, and the breeze carried the smell of fresh flowers. Yep, good day for fishing. It’s a shame it wasn’t a good day for catching. I tried out some waters I’m not familiar with. Both reservoirs have a smattering of species including Northern Pike, Bass, and Crappie. I assumed, as anyone would, that since I have caught these species before in other waters, I should have no problem catching them anywhere. The saying about assumptions rang true.20170522_133937.jpg

It was a real, “me against nature” battle. I swung my lures left, I threw a worm right, then I followed with a hay maker of a jig to the bottom. After all my work, I hadn’t wounded anything but my pride. Not a fish, not even a bite. Lucky for me I had the added benefit of having my wife with me for the day. Feeling defeated by the lake, I was still able to enjoy a relaxing day out in nature with a loved one. We sat and watched the yellow Carp break the surface and splash in the shallows. We talked about nonsense, and even shared some Doritos with some friendly ducks.20170522_141813.jpg

Fishing doesn’t always have to be catching. Sometimes fishing is just the excuse I use to peel myself off the couch and get outside to do something. The very first fishermen caught fish to feed their families. Fishing evolved into a marketable skill to feed others families in order to feed their own. Soon there was recreational fishing. People fished for the simple pleasure of it. However, I now believe that fishing has come full circle and is once more a need for survival. The chaotic world we live in is filled with stress. I fish because I love to. I also fish to preserve my own sanity. So, it isn’t always a bad thing to get skunked fishing, as long as you actually go out fishing. Even better, get out fishing with the people in your life that mean the most to you.

Get out and fish!


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