My Nesting Phase

You may have noticed my posts have been sporadic the past couple weeks. Fear not, I am still here doing what I always do, with some minor changes. The one that is taking most of my time currently are the new additions to my family. Those that know me well, know that I am a believer in family first. To that I introduce you all to the Magpies, (Individual names still in the works). They were found by a neighbor after falling from their nest. Not wanting to take care of them, they soon found their way into my house. Magpies are native here so my hope is to get them to maturity then turn them loose. My daughter has other plans. Either way, it has been an exciting undertaking so far. 20170518_133840.jpg

I will say this however, I have never in my life heard such a racket as when they are hungry. And they are always hungry. 20170518_133631.jpgJust like a human baby, they eat, sleep, and poop. Pretty much in that order. Magpies eat a variety of food in the wild, so after doing some research we found that a steady diet of moist cat or dog kibble, thin slices of raw meat, and believe it or not, hard-boiled eggs, is a healthy diet for a growing bird.

I must confess that I do have delusions of walking the rivers with a Magpie on my shoulder. How cool would that be right? Sounds like a great story all on its own. As they are a very smart bird, my daughter believes she should be allowed to teach it to speak. When kids have pets though, it’s really the parent who has the responsibility of the pet. 20170516_190404

Any ideas for names? Love to hear them if you got them. Drop me an email, or comment below. 20170518_133846.jpg

I will try to do random updates for those who are interested.


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