Hey! I Know That Guy!

Cabin fever, spring fever, cat scratch fever, I got it all. The warm temperatures have me itching to get out and play. Alas, burdened with other responsibilities, I am forced to play the role of weekend warrior for now. If I want to be out, I must endure the crowded shore lines with the rest of society in my same predicament. Today however, while taking care of my, “responsibilities”, I found myself in need of a break. As a fisherman, I find that I am often times entertained as much by the thought of fishing, as the actual act of fishing. More so, I am often entertained by those who venture out with me. Not just family and friends, but sometimes even the strangers I meet on the water can bring me either joy, or sometimes pain. I found this video so true to life, that I couldn’t help but laugh and put a face to each statement made. How many of you fish with these same people?


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