Even Better!

A couple of weeks ago I posted about catching a catfish on a fly. Obviously I thought this was the one and only time I would ever have that happen. Seriously…if you know your fishing, what are the odds? Fishing on Tuesday evening, It was cold and cloudy. No bugs winging along the water so I decided to fish low and slow with a black bead head woolly bugger. After the cast I let it sink for a ten count before working the fly. Slow trolling it with a twelve in strip, then a two count pause, then a twelve-inch strip and on it goes. I knew I was fishing deep but so far hadn’t pulled in any lettuce off the bottom. Ten feet from shore and I got slammed. I knew right away I had foul hooked another cat. Imagine my surprise when he peaked his head out of the water with my fly stuck in his lip. I was alone on the water, so I did what any good angler would do, I jumped up and down, shouted to the heavens, patted myself on the back for being that awesome and posed for lots of pictures. All in all, great celebration.

If you have an unexpected fish catch, I would love to hear about it. Comment below or sent me a message.

Fish On!


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