Catfish On a Fly (Sort of.)

Being an avid fly fisher, it is part of my bucket list to catch as many different species of fish as I can with a fly and fly rod. Sounds easy right? If only it were. Many fish that are native to Utah waters are easily caught on all sorts of tackle. Many of them I have caught on a fly. There are a few that have thus far eluded me. Not to say I haven’t tried, I just haven’t found the magic combination yet. One fish in particular is the catfish. Catfish are primarily bottom feeders. Most anglers that target catfish will tell you it takes a big hook and a big hunk of meat. Shrimp, worms, cut bait, liver and even that rancid store bought gunk that smells like a fermenting dog turd.

Yesterday my fortunes changed. I was slow trolling a black bead head woolly bugger when I got a bite. A quick hook set and game on. I was fishing in a local pond, not known for big fish, so imagine my surprise when it starts to strip off line.20170315_164844 To say I was excited just doesn’t cut it. If you have been fly fishing, you know there is no prettier sound than a screaming real singing away. About five reels into my backing I finally got the fish under control and managed to start retrieving line. Still I was amazed at the giant pulls on my rod as it battled against me. When the fish finally broke the surface, I could see I my fly snagged in the adipose fin of a good-sized catfish.20170315_165043

When I got him to the shore I was elated. Finally, I had caught a catfish on a fly. Technically anyway. To all you naysayers and fly fishing purists thinking it wasn’t a real catch, I ask you to regale me with your own catfish, on a fly, stories before passing judgment. Most times when I am fishing I don’t count a fish either unless I have conned it into taking my fly. But what a cool experience! 20170315_165128I was lucky enough to have my daughter with me too and she was just as excited as I was. She was my biggest fan, my cheerleader, and my camera operator. Love you bug! You can check out the small video of my catch below. As always, thanks for taking a look. Feel free to comment or contact me. Till then…tight lines.


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