Armed with a Fly Rod and a Cape.

I had to share this story from yesterday. Since the weather is warming and the snow is melting, I am left with a huge case of spring fever. I’ve found community ponds are one of the best way to shake off the rust. When I arrived at the pond I could see that I wasn’t the only one looking to scratch the itch. The water was murky from runoff and fishing was tough all around. Everyone I talked to said they had gotten a bite or two, nothing worth bragging about.Community Pond

I set up my fly rod and tied on a black woolly bugger. My first fish came some twenty minutes later as a group of young kids walked past. With the fishing being slow, they swarmed to my side to see the eight-inch rainbow. They each took turns touching it and laughing or squealing until I turned it loose. The kids had never seen a fly fishing set up so we had a Q&A while I fished. One little boy asked if he could fish with flies too. I told him sure, as long as he was fast enough to catch the flies. I think he believed me.

Then as luck would have it, I set the hook on a larger fish. It jumped and splashed to the kids delight as I wrangled him to the shore. The excitement they showed was contagious. I suddenly pictured myself wearing a long cape and form-fitting super suit, standing in the glow of adoration as I saved the world. “You look like a safari guy.” Bubble burst. A small boy looked me up and down. “You know, because of your hat, and clothes.” My trusty worn out fedora and well used fly vest, not quite the cape and spandex I was imagining, but that didn’t stop me from being momentarily adored.

I have decided now that fishing is my super power. To the rest of you, if you want to be a superhero, catch fish in front of a few children. The safari hat and vest, my super suit. I’m not really the spandex type of guy anyway. The cape would have been cool though.



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